1.5.5 (downloaded October 17)

Feature request: Desk exercise script

This is a suggestion for enhancing the micro break. I've had partial success creating it myself with a home-made applescript and a folder containing a bunch of RTF text files; but I'm not geeky enough to really make it work.

What I'd love to see is an optional setting for the micro break that would produce a fullscreen view of a 10-second stretch or physical exercise to do at the desk or standing near the desk (e.g. back arch, eye roll, shoulder rotation, etc.). You could create it with a default set of say 6 exercises, plus a user fill-in form to create your own. It would be ideal if it had both text and a stick-figure diagram; the user form could then have a field for loading an image to function as the diagram. And it would be good if the user could decide to display text only, diagram only or text-and-diagram. (You could go more hi-tech and add audio and video clips as well, but I don't think that's necessary - keep it simple.)

What are the chances ... ?

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