feature request: projector awareness

My job involves teaching with my laptop hooked up to a projector. I go back and forth between working and teaching all day, and rarely remember to turn Time Out on and off as I switch back and forth. It would be great if Time Out could disable itself while I am connected to a projector. It would also be great if I could specify WHICH external display disables Time Out, since at my workstation I plug in to a desktop monitor for ergonomic reasons.

Thanks for putting together a great piece of software!

Please allow longer micro-breaks

TimeOut is a great program ! However, the Preferences menu currently does not allow one to set the duration of a micro-break to more than 60 seconds. Could you please allow for micro-breaks of up to 2 minutes duration ?

Personally, I have rather bad RSI. Based on my experience with the program RSIBreak on Linux systems, I need a 90 second micro-break after every 3 minutes work. (And a 10 minute normal-break after 30 mins work).


Feature request:

Rather than a slow visual fade, I'd prefer to have a slightly longer audible warning -- one obvious possibility is a ticking clock getting gradually louder for a minute or two; another choice might be a recording of a train arriving, from the rails singing to the doors opening :-) -- and synced up with a short visual fade so they "arrive" at the same time.

I find the long visual fade is like a child tugging at your sleeve.

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