Suggestions: configurable menu, operations files

Two suggestions for the next version.

(i) Let the user choose the font and size for the menu. It doesn't have to be as fancy as ClawMenu, but a smaller font, and something other than Lucida Grande, would make the menu easier to use. Actually a tearoff palette would be nice in some applications.

(ii) Tag sets: make it possible to save different sets of operations. The main attraction for me in using BlogAssist is that I have several sites, and several HTML/CSS vocabularies, to deal with. I don't want them all in one huge list; rather it would be much better to have one list per site or per context (Typepad, Livejournal, Drupal, etc.). For writing XML to be fed into InDesign, say, this is crucial.

There is no program now that has both "operations" (that allow boilerplate to be wrapped around a user-supplied string or strings) and multiple sets of operations. Typeit4Me has multiple sets but no operations (in Blogassist's sense); Marsedit and Tag have operations but not multiple sets; Smultron has "collections" but those are limited to Smultron itself.

How to do unordered lists?

How do you make a list of items and turn them into an unordered list? I thought I could make a list of items, each on a single line, then copy to the clipboard and highlight all rows and choose Unordered List. But this gives me a list with a single Line Item with all my items together, vs. separate list-item tags.

Possible misspelling in Smart Change

I set a "Smart Change Detection" rule and when it failed, the error message was "Start change text was not found in the file". Is that supposed to read "Smart change" instead of "Start change"?

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