Issue with Web(http) check

While implementing Simon we found out that we could use the Web (http) check in get mode with our Web site at http://www.web-a-la-carte.com.

The check works fine the first time but then all further checks fail. Investigating a little bit more, we found out that the request issued by Simon all but the first time might be badly formatted.

We moved from "get" to "head" and have our Web site availability check working so far.

We would like to be more precise on the Web server control and get notified only when the server no longer respond. The reason is that a nasty random bug in our Web server holds any further requests until the server is restarted when the bug happen.

We have written an Applescript that can cleanly stop and restart our apps and web servers when the bug occurs. We use Simon to launch the Applescript. But we only have to launch it when a time out occurs not when any other unavailability event occurs. So far we have not been successfull at using the "Smart change" approach.

Help is welcome.

Issue with Notifiers edit

I just created a few new notifiers and noticed a bug.

When double clicking on a newly created notifier, in some occasion the status says "editing" but no edit screen shows. The only way to get access to the given notifier in edit mode requires stopping and restarting Simon.

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