2.2 (v2026)

Import URL list for Simon to check?

Is there a way to import a list of URLs I want Simon to check?

We use the enterprise version and need to check dozens of sites, and for many the URLs change weekly or monthly.

I'd like to generate a list, say from FileMaker Pro, and import into Simon to append/replace the current list.

Let me know if any of this is possible! Many thanks!


Hanging Ping Tests

On a G5 Xserver running 10.4.8, I have Simon doing about 20-30 odd checks. I set this up on Friday, and checked in today to see how it was working. Most of my ping checks have hung and under the "next check" column, they say "now:2 days elapsed" or "now:20 hours have elapsed". Let me know if there is any more info I can provide.


HTTP 406 Errors

I'm evaluating Simon right now, but one of my servers is spitting back a 406 error when the "Web (HTTP)" service hits it. The exact reply is:

&lt;title>406 Not Acceptable&lt;/title>
&lt;h1>Not Acceptable&lt;/h1>
&lt;p>An appropriate representation of the requested resource / could not be found on this server.&lt;/p>
&lt;address>Apache/2.0.54 (Fedora) Server at www.myServer.com Port 80&lt;/address>

Any idea what's going on?

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