Mount plug-in issues

We're seeing issues with long term usage of the new mount plug-in. We're tasking it to test at least 30 servers at the moment.

Something is going wrong where it should be unmounting shares and perhaps it is failing to do so. We come in from the weekend to find dozens of shares mounted on the desktop. Dozens of shares and folders with share names appearing in the Finder's sidebar. Examination of the /Volumes directory shows that multiple folders, where the share would have been grafted to, have been left behind. The shares refuse to unmount until Simon is quit. We also have to delete the stray folders from /Volumes manually. For best results I also go ahead and reboot the system that Simon sits on. This can cause a chain reaction where Simon will report phantom failures.

Anyone else seeing this or able to recreate this?

Attached a previously taken screenshot. This one is nowhere near as bad as it was this morning.

Moving to new Mac-transfer settings

Is there an easy way to move Simon to a new Mac preserving all my settings?

Also is there a PDF manual? HTML one is ok, but PDF would be far better....Thanks all!


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