Simon Monitor -- sorting and scheduling

hi david,

simon seems like a great app with lots of potential. I have some questions/concerns for you...

right now I've got about 55 tests running in my Simon Monitor queue. most of the tests are just pings, but about 9 of them are afp mounts. I've got Simon running on 10.4.10 on a 1.66 GHZ intel core duo Mini. each test runs every 30 seconds.

first issue: when everything is running "normally," I'm getting a delay of about 30 seconds in the queue. that is, if sorted by the "next check" column, I get a back-log of queued jobs waiting to run. when the next scheduled test is supposed to run (i.e., "next check" = 0 seconds), it can't run, because there are roughly 25-30 more jobs ahead of it that say "queued 1 second, queued 2 seconds, etc". basically, it seems that the tests are not running in parallel. it seems that Simon is running one test, then waiting for the result of that test, and then proceeding with the next test. it would be great if there was a way to speed up/optimize the test scheduler. I don't think it's an issue of having "wimpy hardware," because I'm watching the cpu monitor and it never reaches maximum.

second issue: seems like some bugs with the column sorting functionality. when I'm sorted on "Next Check" and I click on "Name" to sort on that column, something really strange happens to all the running tests. suddenly about half of the tests just stop running and they sit there with the "queued X seconds" value incrementing. if I click back on "Next Check," then those "frozen" jobs start getting processed and I get back into my "normal" 30 second back-log. also, sometimes when I sort on Next Check, it doesn't group all the paused jobs together -- sometimes I get some paused jobs at the top, some at the bottom, and some mixed in with the tests that are currently running. and sorting on "Service" does not seem very stable. if I sort on that column, it does group all the tests by service type, but within those groups the jobs are still being re-sorted again based on some other criteria. in other words, the tests are not stationary in the queue, something is causing them to move around within the queue.

Thanks in advance for any info/advice you may have regarding these issues.

Incorrect info from Simon

I have added a URL to the list that Simon monitors for me and Simon indicates that the contact to the site has failed and gives the red down arrow symbol. This has been constant since I added the URL last week but if I click check site it opens the site immediately. The connection did actually fail for a few minutes this week and Simon did email me the warning etc but even after recovery it displays a failure message and I have no indication od uptime. Anyone have any ideas?

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