Reset timer

I had my microbreaks set to ~10s. However, that would reset too easily, esp. when I was reading. So in v1, I was able to set it to only reset after 3 minutes, and that seemed to work well.

In v2, the only way to get that behavior is to either set the microbreak duration to 3m, or to select "Continue countdown". The first option is a little clunky because it means that I take my 10s break and then have to click "skip". The second option is even worse because the microbreaks become completely decoupled from the full breaks. i.e., I could have a microbreak minutes after coming back from a full break.

Any better workarounds? Or any plans for improved support in future versions? Thanks! Love the app!


Timeout 2 Missing Features from Timeout 1

I upgraded to Timeout 2 and I am missing two things that were in Timeout 1. Or maybe I can't find where they have moved.

1) Play a sound when the break is over.
2) Multi-monitor support should have an option to display the TimeOut logo and skip buttons on all monitors. Currently you can only pick 1 monitor.

Issue Coming Back from Sleep / Feature Request

Time Out causes things to freeze up when coming back from Sleep mode - I have Event Monitor turned on. In the old version I could have sworn there was a "take breaks during this time frame" feature? I would love to have it really only function during my work hours - I don't need a break immediately after sitting down at my desk in the morning :)


Breaks while screensaver is running

Hello, I switched to Time Out 2.0 and it starts breaks while screensaver is running. I know it because I have set up sounds on end of each break and they are played even if I don't use computer and screensaver is running or display sleeps. I started to investigate this issue and it seems to me, that natural breaks are detected correctly when I stop use mouse or keyboard for a while, but sometimes they are not when screensaver is running. I had no such issues with Time Out 1.7.

Best regards
Michal Krause

Setting to not include in dock is removed at every timeout

So I set 'Don't include Timeout in Dock' and it nicely appears in the menu bar, just the way I like it.

Then after a timeout has happened, it's no longer in the menu bar and back in the dock.

thanks and feature request. let me position the timer strip and logo/sizing

Got a surprise the other day when Time Out 2.0 came out! Thanks a lot from a long time user. I gladly contributed beyond my old license for this updated version.

Everything looks great! I hadn't used Time Out in a while and I think I need to, so this was a good thing to get me back on track.

I have a feature request (of course!). I work in an open office and would like to be able to tone down the big logo that comes up during breaks. I'd like for it to be small and in the countdown timer box or next to it or something. I'd like this to be positional on the screen also. My main goal here is being discrete in the open office floorplan where everybody is able to snoop. I don't care for people to know what I'm doing or give them a reason to stop their eyes on my screens when Time Out kicks in.

I also have multiple monitors and would like to have the ability to lock Time Out notifications/timers to a specific monitor. That would also make things a little more discrete. When it comes up on my external, elevated monitor it makes me feel like I'm screaming, "hey! come ask me what I'm doing and what this in on my screen!" :)

Neither are critical, but would be beneficial in a business setting I feel.


Time Out 2.0 general release

Time Out 2.0 is now in general release, at last!

Check out the massive list of improvements on the What's New page, or the full release notes for details.

Accounts list feature request

I'd like a quick and easy way to be able to see a couple of lists of accounts...

1) People following me that i'm not yet following
2) People I'm following that aren't following me

At the moment I have to go into each account and wait a few seconds for the follow/unfollow boxes to light up.



Narrator - Not responding

As a newcomer to both Mac OS and Narrator, HELP.

I installed this and have had it running for 3 days (on trial). Today for some bizarre reason, It start reading and after about 20 seconds, all I get is a spinning disc. Your program freezes and I have to force-quit.

Any ideas pls.


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