Programming a User defined break & scripts

Greetings, I am a long time user of Time Out and have a few questions:

1 - How would i programme Time Out to do a 3minute break every 17' minutes?
ie Starting on the hour I would work for 17' and then have a a break for 3'

2 - What if you know nothing about writing Scripts? Are there any You Tube videos of how to write a script for Time Out? I would like it to put up on the screen a list of vocab words that I was trying to learn in a foreign language.. and play an mp3 I had created to go with it for exactly 3'

3 - Is it possible to save a series of Customised Break Programmes and then select them when you want them without having to go through a whole resetting of the application - eg
i) 17' work 3' break as above
ii) 9' work 1' break
iii) 20' work 10' break with music and visual

Many thanks in advance


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