Login not working on Web Test?

I am trying to use a web test on a phpmyadmin install (testing mysql and http at same time).
I have the correct username/password entered, but it fails every time.

Any ideas?

P.S. Where is the search option for these forums?


SMS messages and Search Function on Forums

I'm just buying 3.0 today. but I am curious if the sms alerts problem has been worked out in 3.0. that would be very handy. I wanted to search forums but i found no search function.

surely I have overlooked it? I want to avoid unnecessary posts, and searching the forums made the most sense first. But no search was there... that I can see at least..

If this software really works, I'm definitely going for the enterprise license, but I like to read and I like to search...

where is this most important function hiding please?


What does this mean? "Simon license with up to 15 active test configs"

I don't see any explanation of what constitutes an "active test config."

Does this mean I can, for example, monitor only 15 mail servers or web sites at once, or is a "test config" something else?

I couldn't find any mention of the phrase "test config" anywhere other than on the checkout page.



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