3.4 (3022)

How to change the speech Voice

Hy...First..Absolut wonderful work!!!

My question is, how can i change the standard voice with other voices in my system preferences?

Thanks in Avance!!!

PayPal Authenticaton

Is it possible for Simon to authenticate into a PayPal account? Simon Service Username: and Password: fields don't seem to work. However, I am able to populate PayPal's 'Email address' field with a parameter named 'login_email'. Unfortunately, an additional parameter named 'login_password' does not populate PayPal's 'PayPal password' field.

3.4 Apple Mail enforced on Simon Platinum

After carefully reading the release notes and paying special attention to the changes in the mail transport which where all marked (Standard edition only) I decided to upgrade our Simon Platinum installation as the fixes mentioned had all bitten us.

Apparently everything went well Simon 3.4 loaded and seemed to be function fine.

Unfortunately at 3am this morning a server went offline and we didn't get notified (we have for years used the E-mail notifier to trigger SMS's). When the issue was discovered this morning (thanks to the continuous audio notifier we've setup) the monitoring server had launched Mail and it was asking to be configured... we don't use Mail on our severs - who does?

Meanwhile no email notifications had been sent out for any activity - I've quit Simon, tried flipping the hidden preference defaults write com.dejal.simon EmailUseLegacyTransport YES but on relaunch it appears that our 246 Email notifiers have all been changed to the "Apple Mail" transport.

The problems with this are:

      • The automatic option is no longer presented as an option
      • The old settings either aren't visible or have been lost (trying to run notifiers in this state just locks up Simon)
      • Entering some of the old settings now fails silently after locking up the application until the transport times out. (We have determined that these are accounts where the certificate name of the server doesn't match the mail server name.)
      • Mail is not configured on this Lion Server — in-fact it's not configured on any of our Lion Servers because they are servers
      • We have nearly as many 'from' accounts for email notifiers as we have destination addresses that we notify, all of which we are having to re-enter manually
      • It takes a long time to recreate and test that many mail notifiers... thankfully thats now done
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