3.5.1 (3028)

Elapsed time of test is not shown

In the Simon Monitor window, it shows the percentage of Up Time but without any reference to the elapsed time of the test. Has the percentage been calculated over the last minute or the last year? I want to know so that I can have some frame of reference. In face, how about multiple columns so that I can see how I am doing over the last X while also being able to see how this compares to how my tests have run over the last Y.

Twitter Service

Since Twitter have dropped RSS support, I wondered if Simon would work to monitor Twitter feeds. I downloaded the demo version, but when I tried to set up the Twitter service using the “Another’s Updates” source, I get an error:

Error: An unknown error has occurred (code 410).

Do you know if there is a problem with the Twitter API changes, or is there something I’m missing?

Using Terminal & Notifier to send a command to a remote server

This Notifier Applescript will execute a command on a remote server via Terminal. I have created a script on the remote server that will execute a restart.

I set out to write an Applescript that would launch Terminal and login via ssh then execute the command and quit. It crossed my mind that I leave Terminal open and am logged in 24/7 so all I needed was to send the command which avoids messy pauses/waits and conditionals.

This Applescript requires you to log in to Terminal and leave it open.

In Notifier double click on Apple Script and paste in the script, save. Double click the test you are running, select failure & Apple Script. Set the test frequency and timeout duration for failure under Options.

tell application "Terminal"
do script "XXXXX" in window 1
end tell

where "XXXXX" is your command to the server.

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