Web HTTP checks false failing/recovering in new beta

From the moment that I upgraded to 3.5b2, all of my Web HTTP checks have been periodically failing, and then recoverying almost immediately thereafter.

There is one fairly unique feature of my environment: I've been running Simon in a Parallels virtual machine, along with one other OS X instance, to use my physical machine more efficiently. I've been doing this for about a year with no problems up until now.

Is there anything that I can do to help troubleshoot what might be causing this?


"Follow Redirects" option?

Good old WhistleBlower had a neat option called "Follow Redirects" on the HTTP service, and if this option was checked it would follow all redirects to the final page before stopping and evaluating the results.

I can't find anything like it in Simon...am I missing something? While I could have one Simon test per redirect to test everything, it would be far simpler and more efficient to have just one HTTP check that has to end up at a certain place (or it fails), so you could test both the redirect(s) and the final page all at once.

Any way to do that?


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