Adding recipients to email notifier


This simply doesn't work.

I can add an email address, but if I try adding a provider, or editing options for existing provider the app hard crashes EVERY time.

This on a 27 inch iMac (2013) running el Capitan.

The result is that no recipients get added to the message generated in Mail.app, and so the message does not get sent!

Assume that the 'provider' is to setup an email provider, but notarially clear on its purpose, if if it's even necessary... The fact that NO recipients are added to out going messages at the moment suggests it IS necessary, but would like some clarity



Simon 4 Stuck frozen!

Hello, I have been testing the Simon 4 and ran into a big problem. I was editing a php script (which was way too big, included a whole html source code I was testing). Now the php script is showing every time I start up Simon - Simon then freezes in a loading and becomes non-responsive. I can't delete or change the selection, it's stuck! How can I delete the script from the application files? Is there a way to access it and remove it manually?

Simon 4 gmail support?


I am trying Simon 4 and can't get gmail account to send a notifier. I looked at a post from 2008 that mentioned the same issues, which the poster was told to use simon to monitor the thread (funny, but still no updates).

Can someone verify if gmail outgoing through Simon works or not?

Here are the details I'm using:

Server name - smtp.googlemail.com
Port - 465
Email - user@domain.com (we are using gmail for our domain's email)
Password - Correct password used

No emails arriving.


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