"Automatically start Simon when you log in to the computer" Option Not Working

Installed 4.2 on a brand new machine today and when I click the "Automatically start Simon when you log in to the computer" checkbox option within Simon's General Preferences, and the quit Simon and then start up Simon again, the option is unchecked.

Tests I ran:

Checked option > closed preferences > opened preferences > option still checked. (therefore: it only loses the setting upon quitting and relaunching the application)

Checked option > Restarted computer > application doesn't launch. (confirming the option doesn't stick)

Copied file ~/Preferences/com.dejal.simon.plist from computer running version 4.1.0 which has auto-start option checked and confirmed working to this new computer with 4.2.0 > Restarted Machine > didn't work > opened Simon Preferences > option is checked now > unchecked option > Restarted Simon > Checked option > Restarted Simon > option is no longer checked.

I'm not quite certain how Simon actually achieves the auto starting functionality. I would have thought that a LaunchAgent was used, but I don't see one on the machine where auto-start works. I don't see anything dejal related in any launch folder, startup folder, or in the user login items screen or within the launchctl list command.

Obviously I can make something manually, but is there a reason that you can think of that this Simon option isn't taking for me? (the user logged in is an Administrator of the machine).

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