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My Mac sleeps so hard Time Out won’t wake it…

I have a MacBook.
Whenever I leave it for a couple of minutes, the computer starts ”sleeping”. (Sure, that’s the way it is, unless I fool the system with Caffeine.)

The problem is when I leave my mac during a long (10 min) Time Out break. Sometimes Time Out does play the sound I’ve set it to play after those 10 min. Most often, however, my Mac sleeps so hard that nothing happens. I have to guess when 10 min have passed, and reactivate the system by moving my mouse. THEN the sound starts playing, even if the actual pause has lasted half an hour.

I guess this problem is familiar to you?

Next check: waiting?


Today, I open Simon and I see all my test servers have the Next check value to "waiting". After a few click on the Check Now, nothing was working. I had to quit and re-launch Simon in order to fix the problem.

Any Ideas?

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