Simon 2.4.2

Uploading to mobileme?

Hi all,

I have been using Simon for a while, but would like to upload an iphone report to mobileme. I currently have it going to the server i'm checking, so not the best place for it to be, as I know there is a problem if I can't read the report!...

So I wanted it on another server, and I thought mobileme would be perfect...

Any ides welcome...

Tests.simon guidelines

As per the contact page, I'll try here first. I went through all the titles and couldn't find any on Tests.simon.

I'm having Simon monitor 300+ domains for our web design company. Once I opened up Tests.simon and saw it was XML I built a little php script that takes domain names from our database and generates an entry for Tests.simon. The output usually works (it worked fine until I added the other 150 domains) if not after a hiccup (restart Simon & copy new Tests.simon twice). But often Simon opens empty, doesn't mention a problem and upon exit writes a clean Tests.simon.

Is there anyway I can get info on what it's choking on? I couldn't find an appropriate log anywhere. Could it be character entity related? I'd appreciate any help, thanks very much.

- Jay

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