Version 2.3.4 (2036)

More tests wanted - POP/SSL, SMTP/SSL, NTP

I'd like to have tests for the following protocols:

POP/SSL - POP email retrieval over SSL encrypted link, typically on port 995/TCP

SMTP/SSL - SMTP email sending over SSL encrypted, typically on port 465/TCP

NTP - Network Time Protocol, port 123/UDP

-- Rex

Port test issues

Hello, We are evaluating Simon to replace our antiquated Page Sentry setup.

Simon so far shows much promise.

However, I'm running into some issues.

I'm trying to replicate what's in this post

because I've got a lot of things to check in this manner. (Retrospect, server admin ports, etc)

However I can't get it to work.

I've attached screen shots of the windows and the previews of each.

Where am I going astray? I've tried setting the result in the Service to 1, and that works, but everything is successful then.

All we need is a simple 'is the port open, yes or no.' But this seems overly complicated to set this up with a script, telnet, and smart detection. The port check test seems like a likely candidate but it's more like an interactive telnet tester. It takes a long time to timeout when it receives no data back. Is there no way to 'if connected and received nothing, report success, if no connection after X seconds, report failure' in the port test?


Moving Info from old computer to new computer

How do i get data from an old computer over to another different computer?


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