Version 2.5.5

Content Match with Script

Hi, I am trying to create an http monitor with a content match. I created a script Service but I can't seem to figure out how to relate a Failure to a Variable.

The script is a simple curl with a if else clause. If > 0 Success, else Failure. Does anyone have an example of a working content match?

Sorry, I was making it too hard. Working now. :)

IMAP service problem or possible incompetent user?

I am evaluating Simon and have run into a serious problem. I am trying to monitor my (external) IMAP server using the provided example "Incoming Mail (IMAP)", which I cannot make work. The problem, after many tests and lots of analysis of the capture data is that the username and passwords set in the edit form are not passed to the service. Instead, this is passed: "a01 login [Username] (password)".

I can send screenshots if this will help demonstrate the problem. The only way I can make the service function is to hard code the username and password into the service.

Please help! I am very interested in Simon for monitoring our website and email server. We are a small dental office and have been paperless for about five years. Getting the rest of our web/mail system up will be a great benefit for us. The email part seems to go down regularly and we need records to prove loss of service to the provider.

Stuart J

Simon freezes on Xserve

I have reccently moved Simon from a MacMini to a Xserve : I wil work fine for a period of time but often hangs (not responding),
I cannot find the process in EventViewer, in order to remove and restart the app, so i often have to restart the entire server.
does it have to do with Simon not being compatible with Xserve architecure?

Txs Reinier Pahladsingh

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