Version 3.6 (3034)

Foreground and background is black in script window

Hi, I've just downloaded the trial version of Simon in order to evaluate it. I'm trying to create a script but the foreground and background colours are black in the script window. This makes it impossible to edit the script. Changing these colours does not seem to be possible: while I can change the colours temporarily, as soon as I close the window the default black/black scheme returns.

I have attached two screenshots which illustrates the problem. The first shows the preferences window when the Script icon is selected in the toolbar. The second shows what the editing window looks like when I try to edit a script.

Am I doing something incorrect, or is this a limitation of the evaluation version, or is this a bug?


Bob Abraham

P.S. I am running Mavericks 10.9.1 on a MacBook Air.

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