Anonymous comments changed again

Fighting spam in site comments and forum postings is an ongoing battle. I could eliminate it all simply by limiting posting to only people with accounts on the site, but I don't want to do that if I can avoid it, since I recognize that some people prefer to remain anonymous, or don't want to take the few seconds to create an account.

So I have now added a simple captcha feature for anonymous site users (i.e. everyone who isn't logged in via an account). You'll be asked to answer a simple math question as proof that you're a real human, instead of a spam robot.

I've also allowed anonymous comment posting without moderation again, since the captcha should prevent the spam comments. Unfortunately this feature doesn't seem to work with forum posts, so I'll have to continue manually deleting the spam posts that keep appearing there.

If you have an account (which is free and easy to create!), you won't be asked for this extra validation. I recommend that everyone create an account; it'll let you post followup messages and comments much more easily, and allow you to track answers to your posts, etc.