DSActivityView updated

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Please see blog posts on DejalActivityView.

DSActivityViewI've committed a minor update to the DSActivityView open source project for iPhone. See the DSActivityView introductory post for more information, including a video demo.

This update adds a showNetworkActivityIndicator boolean property. It is NO by default, but if set to YES the network activity indicator in the status bar will be displayed, and automatically hidden when the DSActivityView is removed.

You can toggle this property as needed while the activity view is in use. For example, you might have the network activity indicator appear while fetching some data from the internet, then disable it while parsing it (while the activity view is still visible).

Of course, you can easily show and hide the network activity indicator yourself, but this tweak saves having to remember to disable both it and the DSActivityView.

You can set this property via:

[DSActivityView activityViewForView:self.view].showNetworkActivityIndicator = YES;

or to toggle it on an already-visible activity view:

[DSActivityView currentActivityView].showNetworkActivityIndicator = YES;

You can get the project from my Dejal Open Source Subversion repository via this Terminal command:

svn checkout http://dejal.svn.beanstalkapp.com/open/DSActivityView

Or browse the source directly on the web.