Dejal site tweaks

Over the weekend I made a few changes to the Dejal website.

One was somewhat trivial on the surface, though required updating several pages: I increased the page width from 900 pixels to 980 pixels, which is the same width Apple and others use. 80 pixels doesn't sound like much, but it gives a little more room for page content. If things look wacky, try reloading; you may have a cached CSS file from a previous visit.

The wider page also gave room for a new tab in the page header: iPad. This new page lists my vast collection of iPad software... namely Tweeps. Though as I write this, the iPad edition of Tweeps isn't released yet, but this was in preparation for that momentous occasion.

I do plan on adding more iPad apps in the future: I want to do iPad editions of at least two of my Mac apps, Simon and Caboodle. I probably won't have time to implement either this year, but they'll come eventually.

Similarly, I added an iPad block to the sidebar, between the Mac and iPhone ones, to make it really easy to see what apps are available for each platform.

Another change was the introduction of a new TrialPay-powered Dejal Store, using their new e-commerce solution. I have made that the default store (for most Mac apps), as it has some advantages over the PayPal-based store. For customers, it has the ability to give automatic discounts when you buy more than one of my apps. Plus you can get a big discount by accepting a third-party offer — for something you might be wanting to buy anyway. And it benefits me, as there are no transaction fees — the discount offers pay for the service. Try it, and tell me what you think.

I already had an experimental TrialPay store before, which has now been expanded to the same set of Mac apps. This is now called the Get It Free store. This is similar to getting a discount when outright buying one of my apps, except that you get the app completely free! Here's how it works:

Take a look and get an app for free!

I have a few more changes planned. One is to add some smaller feature boxes to the home page. Currently, there's a single large feature graphic at the top of the page, highlighting the latest significant release, but I'd like to be able to highlight other recent updates of note, and make it easier to see what apps I offer. I've experimented with mockups of a few designs, but this is my current favorite:

What do you think?

I've also been debating on whether or not I should keep the latest blog post on the home page. I kinda like it, as it makes it easier for people to see, but some blog posts perhaps don't really belong in such a prominent position.

So, I posted my first poll last night, asking how people read the Dejal Blog — via the RSS feed, Twitter mentions, on the Blog page, on the home page, etc. Please take a moment to cast your voie in the poll. (If you saw it yesterday and weren't able to vote, try again; it is now open to anonymous voters.)