Narrator has moved to Mariner Software site

As discussed in a blog post a couple of months ago, my first Mac OS X application, Narrator, was acquired by Minneapolis-based Mariner Software, Inc.

The intervening time has been a transition period, as Mariner updated Narrator to use their branding, licensing, and so forth, and as their support staff got up-to-speed with the app. That process has now been completed, and Narrator is now available on their website.

Visit Mariner's Narrator web page for more information about the rebranded Narrator.

Sales and support for Narrator are now handled by Mariner. Existing Narrator 2 customers can update to the Mariner-branded edition at no cost. If you have any queries about it, please check out their helpful support resources.

I'll be interested to hear your experiences with this transition. If you have any comments (good or bad), please get in touch.