Simon 3 licenses now available

As previously discussed, Simon version 3 has new license levels, each with more tests than previously. I'm pleased to report that the Simon 3 licenses are now available for purchase — but still at Simon 2 prices, for another few days! This special deal will expire with the general release, currently scheduled for early next week. (I'm working on updating the website, and the localizers are hard at work translating Simon into their languages.)

Currently, the new licenses are only available via the PayPal-powered Dejal Store and the Kagi-powered Dejal Store. The TrialPay store should be updated soon. Update: the TrialPay and GetItFree stores have now been updated too, though they don't have the discounted pricing.

I've redesigned the store content for Simon, to make it easier to pick the right license. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties with your purchase.

The new Simon 3 license levels are as follows:

  • Bronze license enabling up to 15 tests: $49 — buy now for just $29.95 and save $19!
  • Silver license enabling up to 40 tests: $99 (25% per-test discount over Bronze) — buy now for just $59.95 and save $39!
  • Gold license enabling up to 100 tests: $199 (40% per-test discount over Bronze) — buy now for just $99.00 and save $100!
  • Platinum license enabling unlimited tests: $499 — buy now for just $195 and save $304!

Simon 3 represents many months of work, and includes lots of great new features, so is a paid upgrade for version 2 customers. It's been over five years since 2.0, so it's well and truly due. Note that the upgrade pricing has changed a little from my previous announcement, based on initial feedback:

  • Upgrade Simon 2 to v3 Bronze: $19.
  • Upgrade Simon 2 to v3 Silver: $39.
  • Upgrade Simon 2 to v3 Gold: $69
  • Upgrade Simon 2 to v3 Platinum: $99.

Worth noting is that you can upgrade (or downgrade!) to any license level. So if you have a version 2 Standard license and want to go up to a Platinum license in one step, now's your chance; all you need is the Platinum upgrade. Similarly, if you have a v2 Enterprise license, and want to save some money, you can upgrade to v3 and downgrade to Gold in one step, via the Gold upgrade.

Upgrading license levels while upgrading to version 3 will save you a lot of money over upgrading license levels later, so this is a great opportunity to re-evaluate your needs.

I'm happy with these prices; they seem very fair, especially when compared against other high-end software upgrades (e.g. QuickBooks is $229, upgrade for $199; Aperture is $199, upgrade for $99). But if you have any feedback about them, I'm still interested to hear from you in the comments or via email.

Remember, the discounted prices will only remain for another few days, so buy now to save!

And again, if you bought Simon from September 1, 2010, you're eligible for a free upgrade! Contact me to request your free upgrade.