Time Out 1.5.7 and Caboodle 1.3.7 releases

I'm pleased to announce that both Time Out and Caboodle will be in the Mac App Store when it launches tomorrow.

To keep the versions in sync, here are updates to the non-App Store editions: Time Out 1.5.7 and Caboodle 1.3.7.

The Mac App Store editions require Mac OS X 10.6 or later, but the standalone editions still support 10.4 and later, for now. The next non-bug-fix updates will increase the minimum OS requirement to 10.6, so these might be the last releases that support Tiger and Leopard.

The edition of Time Out in the Mac App Store is called "Time Out Free". It is completely free, and always will be. Later, once version 2 is released, I'll rename the standalone edition as "Time Out Pro", and introduce a paid "Time Out Express" edition in the App Store. Currently, both the standalone and App Store editions have the same features, except the App Store one of course uses the App Store to update instead of the built-in mechanism. Once version 2 is out, Time Out Free will continue to have about the same features as now, and Time Out Express and Pro will gain many new features.

Similarly, Caboodle on the Mac App Store is called "Caboodle Express", but is basically the same as the non-App Store edition. Other than removing the update mechanism, the only notable difference in Caboodle Express is that it doesn't offer to install the PDF workflow, since Apple objected to that in the approval process. This feature is still available, you just have to alias the application to your "~/Library/PDF Services" folder.

I probably won't have a "Caboodle Free", since I can't think of any way to limit the functionality sufficiently while remaining useful. People can try Caboodle for free via the Dejal site, then buy either from here or from the App Store, as desired.

For existing customers, please note that Apple doesn't currently offer any way to migrate users from the existing app to the App Store edition. So I recommend sticking with the standalone editions. They will always have the same or more features than the App Store editions, and get updates faster, since they don't have to wait for Apple's review process.

In case you're wondering about BlogAssist, I haven't gotten around to building a Mac App Store edition of that yet. I'm not sure I will for a while; it's fine as-is.

As for Simon, that's a tricky case, since it is a very complex app, with lots of plug-ins and complex features. I don't think that Apple would even approve it, without eliminating a lot of functionality... perhaps too much. So for now, I don't plan to submit Simon to the App Store.

Download Time Out 1.5.7 now! and/or download Caboodle 1.3.7 now!

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