Simon tip: take automated screenshots

Here's a handy tip for Simon, my flagship website and server monitoring tool:

Want to take regular screenshots of your computer automatically? Perhaps to record your progress or productivity, or make sure a child is using acceptable apps and websites? You might not think of Simon for such a job, but since its scheduler is always running (while Simon is running, anyway), it's a good fit.

Download and install the "Screenshot" service from the Simon Extras web page, then add a test using that service. It will take a screenshot and save it to a specified folder, at whatever frequency you specify for the test.

But wait, there's more! What if you want to take a screenshot of what a web page looks like, perhaps whenever it changes? You can do that, too. Download and install the "Show & Screenshot" notifier script, also from the Simon Extras page. Add that as a change notifier on a web test, and whenever the page changes, it'll be opened in your web browser, wait a bit for it to load, then take a screenshot. Handy!

Of course, being scripts, the behavior can be customized as needed. I hope one or both of these are useful!