Christchurch earthquake relief followup

A couple of weeks ago, a major earthquake hit Christchurch in New Zealand, with at least 160 dead and many more injured. A couple of days later, I announced that I'd donate 100% of Dejal Mac sales for a week to the New Zealand Red Cross, to aid with their relief effort.

Towards the end of that week, I was contacted by some Kiwi iOS developers who were organizing their own similar effort, also donating 100% of their incomes for a week to the NZ Red Cross. So I decided to join with them and extend my effort by another week. They also managed to recruit lots of other NZ, ex-NZ and overseas developers to their effort.

I'm pleased to report sales totalling US$1,419.64 during this period, which I will donate to the NZ Red Cross.

I had hoped for more (e.g. when I did a similar effort for Haiti, I accumulated almost as much in a single day), but I'm between releases right now, so it didn't benefit from the usual new-release sales spike. And perhaps people aren't as moved by a disaster in a first-world country? True, Haiti was a much bigger disaster, with hundreds of thousands dead. But as an expat Kiwi, the Christchurch earthquake seemed "closer to home" for me.

Regardless, thank you very much to everyone who bought my apps during this period. I really appreciate your help in this effort. I'm sure the NZ Red Cross will make great use of the funds.

If you missed this event, not to worry — you can make donations directly to the NZ Red Cross.