Introducing Simon Express and Simon Free for the Mac App Store

I am pleased to announce that my flagship product — Simon, my server and website monitoring tool — is now available on the Mac App Store!

Simon was the last of my main apps to have Mac App Store editions, as it presented some extra challenges, being a much more powerful app than the others.

Three editions

There are now three editions of Simon:

But unlike my other apps with editions on the Mac App Store, there are key differences between the Simon editions. The standard edition of Simon is unchanged; it includes all the same features as before, and is sold in four license levels:

  • Bronze: this enables up to 15 active test configurations.
  • Silver: this enables up to 40 active test configurations.
  • Gold: this enables up to 100 active test configurations.
  • Platinum: this enables an unlimited number of test configurations.

The Mac App Store editions, Simon Express and Simon Free, on the other hand, have a more streamlined feature set. They only have a few of the plug-ins that provide the services, filters and notifiers. They also don't include editor windows for services, filters and notifiers, and don't include the reports feature.

Simon Express has no limitation on the number of test configurations. Yes, you read that right — unlimited tests, just like the most expensive Platinum license... so long as you only need the most popular services: Web (HTTP), FTP, DNS and Ping. So it is ideal for webmasters and others who want to monitor hundreds of websites.

Simon Free is the same as Simon Express, except that it is limited to 5 active test configurations. It is ideal for people who just want to monitor their own site and a few others.

See the Simon Feature Comparison page for a summary of the differences between the three editions. The Overview page has also been updated to add a little gold star ([direct only]) next to features that are only in the standard edition.


I had the idea for an app like Simon Express last year, before the introduction of the Mac App Store. I used the code-name "Webster" for this project, to highlight the goal: a simple, streamlined app for people who just wanted to monitor websites, and didn't need all the extra power of the full Simon application. The standard edition includes lots of flexibility, with custom scripts for services, filters and notifiers, the reports feature, and many more plugins. But not everybody needs all this flexibility; sometimes they just want to monitor hundreds of websites, and want a simple and inexpensive app to do that. Simon Express is the answer.

Simon Express is available on the Mac App Store for an introductory price of $59.99 (in the US; other countries vary as usual for the App Stores). Simon Free is available at no cost; it will always be free. Check them out!

And, of course, the standard edition of Simon remains available directly from the Dejal website, and can be downloaded for free for a full-featured trial period.

Each edition has separate data and preferences, so you can even run all three at the same time if you wish; perhaps use the standard Simon app to monitor advanced services or do custom filtering, and Simon Express for the bulk of simple web servers. You can migrate between editions by copying the data files; I'll probably add an in-app migration tool in a future version, if there's demand for it.

Buying advice

So which edition is right for you? If you have already purchased Simon, you'd be best off sticking with the standard edition. It has more features and flexibility than the Express or Free editions.

If you're considering Simon, you can download and try either the standard edition or the Free edition, depending on whether you want to monitor all kinds of services, or just websites.

When you're ready to buy, the same criteria can be used: if you want to monitor mail accounts, applications, Twitter, databases, and other diverse services, or use more filtering and notification options like email, Twitter, custom speech and sounds, and more, then the standard edition is for you. If you just want to monitor simple websites, and lots of them, Simon Express is for you. Or if you only want to monitor a few websites, the Free edition might be enough.

I hope everyone is as excited about these new options as I am! As always, if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them in the comments or Simon Forum.