Personal vs professional

As you know, I publish this blog on the Dejal website.  It has been around for many years, and has discussed all kinds of topics.  Dejal product news, of course, plus general Dejal topics, and posts for other developers with open source and code tips.

Sometimes I post on more general topics, like Mac commentary and WWDC visits.

And I sometimes post about things going on in my life, like my travels, videos I find interesting or entertaining, stuff I find amusing, or my cats.

I've been wondering if the more personal topics are really appropriate for a business blog, though.  Looking around at other indie Mac and iOS company blogs, some do post random topics, but most stick to app update announcements, tips, and other core topics.

What do you think of this diverse mix of blog posts?  Do you like getting to know your app developers a little better, or would you prefer developer blogs kept to discussing their products?

Should I create a separate blog for non-Dejal-related topics?

What about the Dejal Twitter and Facebook accounts?  Should they stick to Dejal news too, or is general life stuff okay?  I'm not all that verbose with tweets, with often only a few tweets per day, sometimes none.  But the vast majority of the tweets aren't about Dejal topics.  Should I use a different account for personal tweets?  (I do have a personal Twitter account, @dejus, but don't currently use it.)

I'd appreciate your thoughts in the comments, via Twitter (@dejal), or privately.

Plus, I have a poll!  Take a moment to vote.