Caboodle 1.4.1 released

I just released a quick update to Caboodle, to bring it to version 1.4.1.

It appears that I accidentally set the minimum OS requirement at 10.6 in the 1.4 release, so it refused to run on 10.5. Which is rather ironic, since 1.4 also included a note that the 1.4.x releases would be the last to support 10.5. I could've just declared that 10.6 is the minimum after all, but I wanted to support 10.5 as stated, so here's 1.4.1 to correct that.

This release also includes updated French localizations, which weren't done in time for the 1.4 release. All localizations are now up-to-date.

If you already have version 1.4 and don't use Leopard or the French language, you can safely skip this update. For those affected, sorry for any inconvenience!

Download Caboodle 1.4.1 now!

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First, let me thank you. I have BlogAssist and Caboodle. I think they are great programs. However, I am not blogging currently- so, BlogAssist hasn't really assisted me much. I don't like to waste money on programs- but, I don't mind having this program in case I blog.

I write because I have been vexed by a problem that is likely unique to me. I wish badly to use the Services Menu to take items and place them in Caboodle. However, it is not available to me in my service menu. I even have the ability to use BlogAssist.

I'd really appreciate if you could help out. In my service menu, I have the ability to send the selection to EagleFiler, and to Notational Velocity. Services for TextSoap show up, as well as all the Apple Services. I am running Lion. Please help if you can- I truly wish to use Caboodle. For me, it compliments well my use of Eaglefiler to satiate my Obsessive Qualities. Bob Zozus. P.S. I've tried posting to the Forums to no avail. That's is why I've resorted to commeting on your blog.

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Re: Caboodle 1.4.1 released

Hi Bob.

You should've been able to post to the forum, it's the same system. Though the link may have tripped the spam filter.

Caboodle has two services: one called "Add Entry with Selection", and the other "Selection from Entry".

Lion (and Snow Leopard) has an annoying Services menu support where you have to explicitly enable them to make them work... which is good to avoid cluttering up the menu with services you don't use, but makes discovery harder.

So go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services, and you'll find the items at the top of the list, under the Pictures category (as Caboodle can use pictures as well as text).

I hope this helps!

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Thanks, David! It works now. I love using Caboodle to organize snippets of web pages that I wish to keep. Also, it helps to organize random thoughts- on the rare occasion I have them. However, I do wonder- is there a limit to the size of the snippet that can be transferred to Caboodle using Services?Also, wondering, if you could do me a favor and take out my email from the above post. Thanks! I look forward to your response...

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Re: Caboodle 1.4.1 released

Shouldn't be a limit. In general I recommend not putting large attachments in Caboodle, though if I recall correctly ones added via Services are aliased automatically, so should be fine.

I've removed your email address from the comment as requested.

Re: Caboodle 1.4.1 released

Thanks, David! I really appreciate your prompt attention. Truly appreciated!! Best Wishes- Bob