Simon 3.3b1 released

Here's the first beta release of Simon version 3.3:

  • Enhanced the Ping service plug-in to enable specifying the number of bytes to send.
  • Updated the Growl notifier plug-in to support the latest version of Growl. It no longer offers to install Growl, as that is not supported by Growl anymore.
  • Where available, the Username and Password field values are now used in New/Edit Test when using the in-window Show Source and Preview buttons.
  • Fixed issues where the minimum size of editor windows could keep growing, and some incorrect display behavior.
  • Improved the handling of the "(Success)" value in the custom results table for the Script plug-in.
  • Added helpful text to the Licenses window to assist with a common support query, adding an Upgrade license without the original one. Standard edition only

Download Simon 3.3b1 now!