Apps for Water charity

'Tis the season for charity and acts of goodwill. I've often joined with other developers in support of fundraising, charity and special efforts, and am more than happy to join in with another one this year.

The cause this time is very important: safe, clean water for developing nations. And the organization dedicated to this goal is called charity: water.

It's simple: buy any of my Mac, iPad or iPhone apps from now till December 21, and I'll donate all proceeds to charity: water. What's more, I've provided a coupon code for the Mac apps sold on this site, which is automatically applied, so you can get a discount while getting great apps and supporting a very worthwhile charity. (Of course, if you want to pay more to help make a larger donation, you can remove the coupon.)

Several other great apps are also participating: see the Apps for Water site.

You can buy Mac apps via the Dejal Store, or buy Mac, iPad and iPhone apps from the Mac and iOS App Stores. The proceeds from all sales today until December 21 will go to charity: water.

Many thanks to Mike Piatek-Jimenez of Gaucho Software for organizing this event.