Dejal home page tweak

Something I've been meaning to do for a while: I've changed the Dejal home page to show graphics with links to my main apps.

Just for fun, it picks a random feature graphic to show at the top. (Though I could override that for featured new releases.)

For now, the latest blog post is still displayed below those. Mainly because I can't figure out how to convince Drupal, my content management software, to omit it. But it is useful.

I've also replaced the short URL service used with the Dejal site, for links. I migrated over the most important ones, but if you use a link and it doesn't work, let me know.


I hope I'm not being a pain... I looked everywhere for some kind of straightforward support link and couldn't find it, so I signed up to comment...

Blog Assist - my subscriptions preference is blank, with no checkbox to turn it on or off. just...nothing. I'm running the latest, 2.4.

Help. ☺

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Re: Help?

There's a Contact Dejal link at the bottom of every page for private support, plus the BlogAssist Forum available via the Forums link at the top of every page, for public discussions.

I assume you mean the Substitutions preferences. You can restore it to the defaults via the Restore Defaults button at the bottom of the window.

If that doesn't help, please send a screenshot; you can send via email (using the above contact link), or post a new message in the BlogAssist Forum.