I recently heard about Fracture via a sponsorship on the excellent Accidental Tech Podcast. They are images printed on the back of square or rectangular glass, with a foam backing board that includes a mounting hole. They even come with a screw to easily mount to the wall (or a desk stand for smaller ones). No frame needed.

On ATP, Marco Arment mentioned that he has Fractures on his wall with icons of apps he worked on, as a physical souvenir of those projects. That sounded like a great idea to me, so I've done the same. Above my home office window I have 11" square Fractures of my Dejal logo, plus my apps Simon, Time Out (using the version 2 icon), Caboodle, BlogAssist, and Tweeps. They look really nice.

Want your own Fractures? Use my referral code RFR48250 and we'll both get $5 off our next order!

Thanks to Fracture for such a great product, and to Marco and ATP for the introduction and inspiration.