Let Dejal help with your iOS or Mac project

In addition to working on my own products, I help others with their iOS and Mac projects as a contract developer.

Over the past 20 years or so, I've worked on a number of products, but I spent most of my time with one big client, working on the Profile apps for iOS and Mac, large medical practice management apps. Profile for iOS is an app that connects to the IHServer, and supports patient management, appointments (calendaring), tasks, clinical notes, letters, measurements, and many more features. Profile for Mac is a client/server solution with all of that and much more for the medical professionals in New Zealand.

That work kept me busy for almost two decades, but recently petered out as the company moved development in-house as they continued to grow and evolve. I took this opportunity to spend a few months working on the most ambitious upgrade ever of Dejal Simon: version 4.0, that includes a major redesign of the UI, and significant refactoring of the 12-year-old code to modernize it (64-bit, ARC, auto-layout, etc). Now that I'm putting the finishing touches on the Simon 4.0 betas, with a general release soon, it's time to line up some new contract work.

Over the years I've had many offers of contract projects, several of which I had to decline due to lack of time. But now I'm available. If you or anyone you know is in need of an experienced iOS or Mac developer, please get in touch to discuss whether I can help.

(I'm also open to enhancing Dejal apps as contract work, when a feature request fits with the product design goals. Several of the enhancements in Simon 3 & 4 are the result of paid projects for customers who wanted to make the powerful tool even more useful for their needs, including the Email Cycle service, Context filter, History filter, and more.)