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Before Dawn Solutions acquires Caboodle

Big news: Caboodle, the "lean, clean snippet machine", has been acquired by Before Dawn Solutions, another indie macOS & iOS developer.

I have felt bad for some time that I haven't been able to give Caboodle the attention it deserves. I first wrote it way back in 2003, though the 1.0 release was in 2006. It has long suffered infrequent updates, mainly due to my spending most of my time on Simon, Time Out, and consulting projects. I was planning a major upgrade for years, and last year finally did some work on it, but again I couldn't devote enough time to actually finish it.

So I finally realized that I had to find a better home for Caboodle. It's a great app, relied on by many customers, so I didn't want to just discontinue it. I've known John Martyniak of Before Dawn Solutions for several years, so when I mentioned that I was looking for a new home for Caboodle, and he expressed interest, we fairly quickly came to an agreement.

Since then, he has been diligently working on finishing off version 2, and has now released the app under his banner.

Learn about Before Dawn Caboodle.