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DejalNews #74: It's back!

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DejalNews 2019-01, issue #74


This is DejalNews, an occasional newsletter from Dejal.

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DejalNews is back!

The previous issue of DejalNews was a bit over a year ago. I didn't intend to take a year off publishing these newsletters, but sometimes things just happen. I want to get back on that horse, so hopefully will resume publishing a newsletter each month. Usually they will cover recent releases and news, but I've got a bit of catching up to do this time.

Simon 4.3.1, Time Out 2.5

Since it's been a while since the previous newsletter, I should mention the updates to my main two apps, Dejal Simon version 4.3.1, and Time Out version 2.5. If you missed them, take a look at the release notes or blog for what changed.

Introducing SheetPlanner

An exciting new Mac app was introduced recently: SheetPlanner. This app was written by me as a consulting project. It is a pro-level outliner, planner, todo, calendar, and more.

Version 1.0 of this app was well-received, and we're working on some great enhancements for version 1.1 and beyond. Check it out!

Summary blog posts

A great resource to catch up with or review what happened in the past year are my traditional end-of-year blog posts:

Personal blogs

But wait, there's more! Blogs, that is. Perhaps one reason for the hiatus of newsletters is that I've been publishing a lot more on my personal blogs, fulfilling that creative outlet. If you want to learn a bit more about the man behind the apps, my non-Dejal projects and interests, check out my other blogs:

  • Dejus is my personal blog, where I post a photo every day, and other short tweet-like comments. If you follow one blog, this the the one; everything gets linked from here.
  • Yellow Cottage Homestead is a blog that has longer posts about goings on around the homestead of my wife and I, featuring a weekly #Caturday post with pictures of the feral cats we care for, plus our chickens, bees, building projects, and other homestead topics. If you want to see what I build when not building apps, this is the place.

- David