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Time Out 2.7b2 released

Here's a second beta of Time Out 2.7.

The general release will probably be in a couple of days, but I'd appreciate a few people kicking the tires now, to make sure nothing is broken.

A big change in this release is that it is now built for Apple's new M1-based Macs, in addition to Intel ones. I don't have an M1 Mac (yet), so if you do, I'd especially like to hear of any issues. Update: Actually, due to a third-party incompatibility, this version is not built for M1. But I've fixed that for the general release. If you have an M1 Mac, please get in touch to get early access to that.

Another big change is the app icon, adopting the new Big Sur style, thanks to the excellent Matthew Skiles:

Time Out icon

Plus a bunch of fixes for Big Sur and more; read on for the full changes in this beta:

Big Sur

  • Time Out is now a universal app for Apple M1 silicon and Intel on Big Sur; it also supports back to Yosemite (10.10).
  • Improved the row heights in the sidebar on Big Sur.
  • Fixed the break control panel moving downwards on Big Sur.
  • Fixed the appearance of the Activity headers on Big Sur.
  • Improved the layout of some other controls.
  • Updated the app icon for the Big Sur squircle style.

Updated break themes

  • Updated the default Icon theme to use the new app icon.
  • Added a Round Icon theme that includes the old icon, if you miss that.

Other changes

  • When manually starting a break while Time Out is paused, actions are now performed as expected, instead of performing them after resuming.
  • Added the time range to the tooltips for breaks and apps on the Activity page, for a more precise indication of when each occurred.
  • Changed the Advanced option to reset the position of the full window after displaying the status menu from a button to a checkbox, to keep that behavior, instead of a one-time reset.
  • Improved the size and alignment of the status item when only an icon or only the countdown is displayed.
  • Some people missed the red heart icons indicating supporter rewards, so now the info popover for a reward trial automatically appears each time a page is displayed during the hour trial.

Want to try it?

If you are using the direct edition, you can change your Updates preferences to include beta releases, then use the Check for Updates feature in the app to update.

Otherwise, download the beta now!