Dejal's sweet 16!

Dejal anniversary

I first started selling Mac software under the Dejal name in September 1991... which makes this Thursday the 16th anniversary of the founding of the company. Wow... it's certainly been a while!

As a celebration of this event, I'm offering discounts on all of my products from today till the end of the week. No special codes or coupons required, but you need to use the online store, not the in-app purchasing tool, to take advantage of these low prices.

Buy now with the anniversary discounts!

Be quick — these specials expire on Sunday, September 23, 2007.

Pan-Mass Challenge update

Two of the eBay auctions for Seth Dillingham's Pan-Mass Challenge fundraising have concluded, with fairly healthy final prices - still major discounts on the retail values, too.

A Household license for Dejal Caboodle is also available as part of the latest auction, a "kitchen sink" of 37 great utilities. Check it out!

Software bundle to support cancer research

Seth Dillingham has put in a lot of work collecting Mac apps to bundle together, and they're now available. Unlike typical software bundles, where hundreds of people might get a collection of apps at a discount, this one is a bit different: the bundles are being auctioned on eBay, and distributed (fully licensed) on CDs.

His bundles are fundraising for the Pan-Mass Challenge, which supports cancer research and treatment. A very worthy cause.

I am happy to participate in this effort. A Standard license for Dejal Simon is available in what he describes as the ultimate bundle for creative types, and a Household license for Dejal Caboodle is included in his bundle of games and useful utilities. Each of the bundles include lots of great apps, and in support of an excellent cause. Check out the auctions quickly; they end in a couple of days time.

Pan-Mass Challenge software auction

Seth Dillingham is hosting a Pan-Mass Challenge software auction, as a fundraising project in support of his 300-mile ride across the state of Massachusetts for a cancer care charity.

He wants to collect hundreds of software products, which will be auctioned on eBay starting in July.

This is a very worthy cause, so I am donating 5 Standard licenses for Dejal Simon, plus 5 Household licenses for Dejal Caboodle (about $400 total value). I encourage other Mac developers to join in, too.

For more information on the fundraising, click this image:

VT Memorial Fund results

I'm pleased to be able to report that the independent Mac developers that participated in the recent Virginia Tech Memorial Fund Charity Sale raised a total of $2,433.00.

Thanks to everyone who helped achieve this by buying Dejal and other participants' products on May 2.

Virginia Tech Memorial Fund - Charity Sale

All proceeds from sales of all Dejal products on May 2 will be donated to the Virginia Tech Memorial Fund.

Several independent Mac developers are participating in this event, doing what we can for this great cause.

So if you're planning on purchasing a Dejal product soon, or one of the other excellent products from participating developers, you might like to do so this Wednesday.

MacUpdate Promo finished!

The one-day MacUpdate Promo for Dejal Simon is over. Thank you to everyone who took advantage of this great deal. Welcome! I hope you enjoy Simon. Remember to check out the User Guide, FAQ and Simon Forum if you have any questions.

Get Simon at 50% off, today only!

SimonDejal Simon is available for just $14.95 today (for a Basic license), only via the MacUpdate Promo.

Click that link for more information or to take advantage of this one-day special!

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