Questions specific to BlogAssist.

Can I change the keyboard shortcut for the Services command?

BlogAssist has a handy command in the Services menu for all apps that support it. This command takes the selected text and any text in the clipboard, and displays them in a small window similar to the floating one. When you click OK, it applies the selected operation to the text and replaces the selection in your document. Very handy.

By default this command has the keyboard shortcut of Cmd-<, (i.e. Cmd-Shift-,) but you can change it via the System Preferences. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Keyboard & Mouse system preferences.
  2. Go to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
  3. Click the "+" below the list.
  4. Select Application: All Applications.
  5. Type Menu Title BlogAssist (exact wording and case is important).
  6. Press Keyboard Shortcut and the desired shortcut of your choosing.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Launch a new application that supports Services.
  9. Select some text, press your chosen keyboard shortcut, and the BlogAssist window will appear.

Note: the new keyboard shortcut won't show up in applications that are already running until after you quit and re-launch them.

How can I uninstall or update BlogAssist?

If you no longer wish to use BlogAssist, or want to update it to a new version, you need to quit the application. Although BlogAssist doesn't show up in the Dock, it is still a normal Mac application. It uses a small system menu on the right-hand-side of the menubar.

The last item in this menu is the Quit BlogAssist command. Choose this, and BlogAssist will quit (optionally with a confirmation).

You can then either trash the BlogAssist application from your Applications folder, or replace it with a newer version.

If you replace it, double-clicking on the new version will add the system menu back again.

Where is the BlogAssist data stored on my computer?

BlogAssist is sandboxed, so the data is stored in its sandbox container, within its preference file.

The location is as follows, where "~" means your home directory:

"~ ▶ Library ▶ Containers ▶ com.dejal.blogassist ▶ Data ▶ Library ▶ Preferences ▶ com.dejal.blogassist.plist".

Or as a conventional unix path:


If you are using BlogAssist Express from the Mac App Store, replace the "com.dejal.blogassist" with "" in both places, i.e.


I have another question about BlogAssist; where can I find out more information?

Check out the BlogAssist User Guide; it includes lots of information about the application.