Caboodle User Guide

File Menu

This is the File menu. It contains commands to add and delete entries, and print:

New Sibling Entry: This function adds a new entry. If an existing entry is currently selected, the new entry is created at the same level as that one, and it inherits the icon, custom fields, and ruler settings of the parent of that entry. This is useful to create another related entry when one is selected.

New Child Entry: This also adds a new entry, but the new entry is placed within the selected entry (under a disclosure triangle), and it inherits the icon, custom fields, and ruler settings of that entry. This is useful to easily create hierarchies of information.

Delete Entry...: This permanently deletes the selected entry. If the entry has others within it, they are also deleted. A confirmation sheet is displayed to make sure you really want to delete them.

Encrypt Entry...: This allows encrypting the selected entry with a password. When chosen, a password sheet is displayed, asking for the password to use. Make sure you remember the password! When an encrypted entry is selected, this command changes to Decrypt Entry....

Import: This sub-menu allows importing data from various file formats into Caboodle as entries.

Export: This sub-menu allows exporting Caboodle entries to various file formats.

Page Setup...: The standard page setup function.

Print...: The standard print function. All selected entries are printed, including their title, custom fields, and content. You can enable or disable the inclusion of the dates, Subject, and/or custom fields via the General Preferences. By default all are included.

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