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How can I uninstall or update BlogAssist?

If you no longer wish to use BlogAssist, or want to update it to a new version, you need to quit the application. Although BlogAssist doesn't show up in the Dock, it is still a normal Mac application. It uses a small system menu on the right-hand-side of the menubar.

The last item in this menu is the Quit BlogAssist command. Choose this, and BlogAssist will quit (optionally with a confirmation).

You can then either trash the BlogAssist application from your Applications folder, or replace it with a newer version.

If you replace it, double-clicking on the new version will add the system menu back again.

Update instructions do not work!

You cannot update a running version and quitting the running version only appears to remove the icon from the Mac toolbar. I had to quit the process thru the Activity Monitor and then i still couldn't update the application until the Crash Reporter finally finished about 5-10 minutes later. This is not good!

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Re: Update instructions do not work!

The crash reporter has been removed as of version 2.2.2, so that will no longer be a problem for your next update.