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Where is the Caboodle data stored on my computer?

The data is stored in a folder within your Application Support folder. The preferences are stored in your Preferences folder, naturally. The locations are as follows, where "~" means your home directory:

"~/Library/Application Support/Dejal/Caboodle/"

Mulitple Data Files

Is there any way to have different Caboodle data files. If you have multiple projects you were working on you could have a different data file for each project.


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Re: Mulitple Data Files

Caboodle doesn't currently support multiple data files directly, though that has been requested, and will be considered for version 2.

In the meantime, you can simulate this by renaming the data folder. You could quit Caboodle, then rename the Caboodle folder (listed in the FAQ answer above) as Caboodle Foo (or whatever name you like), then when you launch Caboodle again it'd create new empty data. You can then switch back to the original by quitting, renaming the new Caboodle folder as Caboodle Bar (or whatever), the Caboodle Foo as just Caboodle, then re-launch. A bit of a hassle, but workable.

Perhaps better, though, would be to stick with one data file, and just have top-level entries in Caboodle for each project, with child entries within for each. That's the way Caboodle is designed to work: one place for everything.

Re: Mulitple Data Files

Thank you for the work-around.

Is there a limit to the data file size? Caboodle is quick but could the data file size grow large enough to slow it down?


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Re: Mulitple Data Files

The OS has a file size limit of about 4 GB, I believe, but more of an issue is that it reads all of the data into memory when loading.

But yes, if the data file gets really big it could conceivably slow down Caboodle, as it reads the entire thing on startup, and writes it all out when saving. I have some plans to make that more efficient in future versions, so you probably don't need to worry about it yet.

Multiple data files would be an excellent addition!

I have so many uses planned for Caboodle, but so many that It will probably still get confusing to keep track of everything.

I see that you have a very well conceived and designed mechanism for nested "folders", etc., but I would still love to be able to keep several very big categories completely separate.

For example, I would love to have a different data file for each of my three areas of professional freelance work, and yet have a 4th data file for personal matters.

One of the major things that makes life feel chaotic (presumable, one of the reasons you created this application) is simply having too much in your field of view. Also, when things fall *out* of your field of view (literally), it's easy to simply forget about them. If I tried to keep all four of these aspects of my life in one Caboodle data file, there would be so many categories and sub-categories that some would scroll down off the viewable screen. Even with the collapsable "folders."

I'm glad to hear you're considering adding that capability already, and that others have requested it before -- I'm just here to say "me too!!"


p.s. the workaround you've suggested above is very clever, but wouldn't be practical for me, since I'd probably jump back and forth between the different files many times in a single day, and I know that if I had to jump through that many hoops that often, I'd simply stop using the application after a while.

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Re: Multiple data files would be an excellent addition!

Thanks for the feedback and vote for that enhancement idea. It is definitely something I'll consider for a future version.