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Why are the Link, List and Table functions disabled?

Link function... I don't have tiger

I just bought caboodle as I thought the link function was disabled as I was still evaluating the software... oops!! So I don't have Tiger and I *need* link to work as I am cataloging images and pasting into caboodle is slowing the app down something shocking!!
Please help!! is there a cool work around I could use? Why does it need Tiger?
Thanks in advance! :)

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Re: Link function... I don't have tiger

Yes, there is a workaround: as discussed in another FAQ item, dragging a file into a Caboodle entry with the Control key held down will create an alias of the file. It still appears inline, but uses the original file instead of copying it into the Caboodle data. That should work pre-Tiger too.

As for why, the Link, List and Table features are provided by the OS, rather than implemented in Caboodle, so are simply not available pre-Tiger.

Re: Link function... I don't have tiger

Thanks for the prompt reply! I did figure out that if I use my word tool to create the hyperlink then cut and paste the hyperlink it works!! I just tried the ctrl key and drag method but it seems to not work as smoothly as you describe (perhaps as I'm pre-Tiger?). So I'll stick to the first workaround. Thanks again, its a great tool!!