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I want to monitor a page that is protected by an html login form. Can I setup Simon to do this?

Steven Brown

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Yes, you can do that. There are two ways: via cookies, or via a Post. Both of these require Simon 2.2 or later.

Many sites will record cookies with your login information, so when you return later you don't need to re-log in. In this case, you simply create a New Test, enter the URL, and click Preview. You can then log in as normal, and Simon will record the cookies in the Test window. Click OK to save the Test, and you're done.

Otherwise, you can use the Post method instead of the normal Get. As before, create a New Test with the URL, and do a preview, but this time you'll need to examine the source of the page to find the login form, and add parameters corresponding with the form, using the input names as the parameter names, with your login information as the values. And don't forget to change the Method to Post. It's a little more complicated, but lets you post any form as if you were doing it manually.

I hope this helps; let me know if you need any further assistance.

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