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some suggestions for Caboodle

First off, I want to highly praise Caboodle as being the best note-taking app out there. I've tried many and found that they either do "too much" (Yojimbo) or "too little" (myNotes). Caboodle is in the position to be the best compromise between quick and easy note taking with enough flexibility to be fit your organization patterns/needs. Great job!

I'd like to enter the conversation by making some creative suggestions for the future growth of Cab.

Features to consider
• entry importing
• exporting entry as HTML
• easier way to change entry icon/bullet (by right click) and
⁃ a set of included icons (a dozen would be nice)
• entry templates, say one for contacts
• temporary de-encrypt to view an entry (but keeps the entry encrypted)
• ability of resize inserted images
• ability to email an entry

Rough ideas
• formatting of the entries, so that parent items are "brighter/bolder" than child items.
• Ability to apply formatting to the entry list based on simple rules (might necessitate a "tag" feature). Example: all entries tagged home are turned blue.
• Allowing to group entries by folders rather than parent/child list hierarchy. (Note, other note programs that use the folder paradigm physically keep entries in a "master library" which, in my opinion, makes organization much more difficult. So, if a folder paradigm was adopted, entries should still only exist in one location -- the folder it is put in).
• .mac publishing (viewable without caboodle) or backup of data file (only viewable with caboodle)

Okay, enough from me. Best wishes and happy new year!

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Re: some suggestions for Caboodle

Hi Kris. Thank you for the feedback and kind words.

Several of those suggestions have been requested before, so I'll add your vote for them - I keep a tally of the most popular suggestions. I will make a note of the other ideas, too.

In particular, import and export are planned for either version 1.1 or 1.2. I'm also thinking about what you call a tag, or could be called a label feature.

As for folders, you can just treat the parent entries as folders if desired. Caboodle's ability to create sub-entries from any entry, and inherit the icon, custom fields, etc of the parent, is a unique and very useful feature, I feel.

Thanks again for the feedback!

another idea -- encryption tweak

here's one more to through into the pot.

How about the encryption password being a global option. As in, you set a global encryption password, and you can encrypt any entry without having to enter in a new password. I'm questioning the value of per-entry encryption passwords versus the ease-of-use which Dejal appeals to.

Have fun!

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Re: another idea -- encryption tweak

Yes, encrypting all of the data with a single password could be an option. I decided not to do it that way as I felt that most people would probably want to only encrypt a small subset of entries, and having to enter the password every time they use Caboodle would be annoying. However, there could be merit in adding global encryption as an option for those who want it. I'll add your vote for this feature.


Whoops..Sorry about that. Let me clarify.

A global encryption password, but the application of encryption still being on a "per item" basis.

So, for example: If you enter your encryption password once, every encrypted entry is accessible until you quit Cab.

Hope that clarifies things. Thanks!

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Re: encryption

I see. So you click on the first encrypted entry, and Caboodle asks for the password as now. But then you click on another encrypted entry, and (assuming it has the same password) Caboodle just displays it without prompting for a password again.

The same concept could apply to encrypting: enter a password once, then when encrypting other entries, the same password is used. Perhaps simply by pre-populating the password sheet with the previous password.

That seems like a reasonable suggestion, and could definitely be helpful, particularly if you use the same password for all entries. Thanks for the suggestion; I've made a note of it.

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Encryption enhanced in version 1.2

Check out version 1.2; it has several enhancements to the encryption features, including something based on this suggestion.

Encryption: password-encrypt whole hierarchy

My vote is to be able to password-encrypt a whole hierarchy; not necessarily the file itself. I.e., you can open the program without a password if desired, but encrypt an entry and all its children at once, rather than per-item as is the case in v. 1.2.

Feature I'd on side of screen

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I'd also like the ability to

I'd also like the ability to temporarily de-crypt an entry (Unlock, perhaps?). That would be VERY handy to have. While the global decryption per Caboodle session sounds interesting, I can think of times that I'd rather not have that ability.

If possible, could you make that a preference?

Bob C

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Re: I'd also like the ability to

Yes, that is an intriguing idea. It could achieve this simply by leaving it saved as encrypted while displaying decrypted. An issue is what to do if you edit the entry while temporarily decrypted... or maybe it should be read-only in this situation? Thoughts?

Re: I'd also like the ability to

I'd imitate the behavior of Keychain Access in this regard if possible, but read-only would be OK.

Good point. I can't speak

Good point. I can't speak for most people but, for me, leaving it as read-only would be fine. Mostly, I have my website passwords encrypted. If I need to look up a password, right now, I have to de-crypt the note, look up the password, and re-encrypt the note (entering the password twice). For me, that's a bit of a pain.

I'd like to be able to simply type in the password, look at my note, then either move on to another note or close the Caboodle window.

Bob C

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Re: Good point

That would definitely be an improvement, and not too hard to do. I'll make it so in Caboodle 1.2.

Encryption: re-encrypt automatically

I second Bob's suggestion to re-encrypt. Having to remember to re-encrypt a child isn't just an extra step, but a potential security risk.

By the way, I hasten to add that I very much respect you, David S., for responding to so many of these and keeping track of desired features for an already cool app. It's nice that you're so open to our suggestions!!

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Re: Encryption: re-encrypt automatically

The re-encryption request was addressed in version 1.2 by enabling encrypted entries to be viewed without decrypting.

Thank you for the kind words. I like to be helpful, and keeping track of suggestions helps make Caboodle a better, more useful product.

Delete action

Hi, Would really love it if an encrypted item could not be deleted while encrypted. Could save a lot of heartache.


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Re: Delete action

Hmm, interesting idea. Why is that a problem? My concern would be that if you forget a password and don't care about the entry, deleting it would get it out of your way. Though I suppose it'd be easy enough to drag it to some other entry to do that.

My goal with Caboodle is to keep it as simple as possible, so I only want to add restrictions (or preferences for such restrictions) if there seems a compelling reason to do so.

Deleting Encrypted item: Checkbox

The ability to "lock" items off a context menu or somesuch would be a nice feature to aid in this. The "lock" would prevent both edits AND deletions to the locked entry.

There is a tendency to accidentally do things you really don't mean to do, even with prompts such as "are you sure?" which become so second nature to answer under most circumstances that they're useless for many folks. I'm generally very careful but I still do dumb things like delete the wrong file, etc. The backup feature is a nice save for this problem, but, I fear that someone could delete something and panic, close the app, reopen it before they think, and then presto, backup has been overwritten by the mistake. (I use Time Machine myself, bah hah hah, but not everyone is using it yet and even TM has some potential limitations for recovery.)

Note I'd of course suggest, too, that the lock option COULD apply to children, but locking a parent would also lock the children. If only certain children need the lock feature, they can be locked themselves rather than their parent and siblings. (Why am I starting to worry about child abuse allegations all of a sudden?)

Further suggestion - if someone tried to delete a locked item, or modify it, they'd see some indication as to why they couldn't. Courtesy, really; if someone locks something, they should know to check that feature if they question being unable to delete. But mistakes can happen and maybe someone doesn't know about the feature, accidentally locks something, and gets frustrated not knowing why it can't get deleted... yanno? Human nature!! Sorry so long... *darts back to program*

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Re: Deleting Encrypted item: Checkbox

Thanks for the feedback. You do make a good case for this feature. I guess it'd make sense for the lock feature to be independent of encryption, so you can lock an entry to prevent editing or deleting it without having to encrypt it.

One cosmetic issue is that I use a lock icon for the encryption feature... so I'd either have to come up with a different icon for a new lock feature, or change the icon for the encryption feature.

Or perhaps the lock feature could be combined with the encryption feature somehow, like give a choice between just locking or encrypting an entry — so maybe locking and unlocking could require a password, too. That could get messy, though.

Another option, instead of a lock feature, could be to have a Trash icon, so deleted entries go into Caboodle's Trash rather than just getting deleted. You could then drag entries back out of the Trash. That wouldn't stop editing, but you can use encryption for that, and your main concern seems to be with accidental deletion. This is actually a feature on my ideas list already.