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i love caboodle...i use it for more excel for me...there seems to be a new bug though....when i push over the right side window it makes the entries list completely then when i click on "show entries list" in the menu it won;'t come back unless i make the whole caboodle window really big again....not sure if my description makes sense..,..but i've been using caboodle for a looooong time and i've never had this problem....any sugestions?

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Re: caboodle

The splitter bar was upgraded in version 1.1. If the entries list gets too narrow, it automatically hides. So you can avoid this by making it wider before making the window narrower.

I think in the next version I'll enhance it so the entries list remains the same width as you resize the window, to avoid this issue.

Thanks for the feedback!

entries list

awesome...i look forward to it...i truly do love caboodle...i've stored all my info in it...i don't remember the last time i opened excel or word...its exactly what i needed. thanks. and thanks for the quick reply! ronnie

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This splitter issue has now been fixed in version 1.1.1.

spotlight in Caboodle?

can data in Caboodle be searched by Spotlight or by the find menu on the Mac?

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Re: spotlight in Caboodle?

Caboodle currently uses the old Search Kit, which predates Spotlight, so has minimal Spotlight integration. I plan to change it to use Spotlight in a future version.

how do you find in Caboodle???

I have placed a few "linked" articles and information in Caboodle. They not only have a subject but they also have a "keyword". How do I find articles with same keywords? When I use the "search" field on the top, it doesn't find any of the words I know are in the keyword field or even in the subject field. I am NOT copying any of the information into Caboodle. I am aliasing the information, which is left in the same location in the computer/hard disk. I just cannot find anywhere in the user guide how to "find" information once it is placed into Caboodle.
Thanks for your help.

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Re: how do you find in Caboodle???

There is a known bug in Caboodle currently where it doesn't index new entries until after you relaunch Caboodle. This isn't usually a problem, since you know what you just added. So the workaround is to quit and relaunch Caboodle to allow finding recently added entries.