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I'd like to use simon to produce availability reports for SLA's

Simon is great for monitoring web sites and letting me know when a site is down.

Also the reporting is very good, however I would like to see more reporting options added.

I'm specifically interested in producing reports over a long(ish) period over time. I'd like to give my customer a report that showed their server availability over a month period for instance.

The report would also need to show when Simon was NOT reporting on the web site (for instance if the internet connection had gone down, or somehow Simon had been restarted or crashed, not that I'm saying it crashes!!)

(I might of missed something, but I can't see how I can do this, if this already exists please let me know how to implement).

So for me more reports please.

Apart from that I'm a happy chappy!



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Re: availability reports for SLA's

Thanks, I'm glad you like Simon.

The only way to do an extended period report at present is to ensure the number of check log entries kept is enough to cover the desired time period. The logging preferences allow specifying the number of entries; they default to 100, but can be more. Then you'd need to modify the report template to output the desired number of lines: the template specifies how many to display.

The Recent Checks section of the report should now include indication of when the internet connection is offline.

I'm interested in suggestions on how the reporting can be improved, so if you have any specific suggestions on what you'd like it to do beyond the above, I'm all ears.