I guess I'm just stupid!

Thank you for confirming that I am just too stupid.

No let me rephrase that. Your website lacks certain user friendly items that would make it easy for a normal person to use.

l tried several times to create an account. I kept getting the dreaded input doesn't match image error.

Please explain how an ordinary person is to distinguish between "O" as in the capital form of the letter between "N" and "P" and the number "0" which appears after "9" on my keyboard?

Also, are the letters to be entered as capitals or lower case, why does it matter and if it matters, please put a note to that effect near the entry box. Most forums (I belong to several) don't make a distinction between upper and lower case letters.

Now to your real business. I foolishly installed "BlogAssist" so I could see what it's about. Now that I've seen it, I won't be buying it. Not because it's not a good application, but because it keeps nagging me to buy it while not giving me any other option.

I can't delete it - it says it's running. There is no uninstall instructions - are you so sure of yourself that you think everybody who downloads it is going to fork over the money? Sure I can see nagging for payment, but after nagging a couple of times, offer an alternative - disable it or put a button for uninstall or something.

Also why are you nagging, me? I've not used the software and the only time I pay it any attention is to get rid of the nag screen.

Do a better job.

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Re: I guess I'm just stupid!

I'm sorry you've had confusing or frustrating experiences. That certainly isn't my goal!

Regarding the captcha, I use a third-party module (for the Drupal content management system I use) to provide that feature for non-members. I would prefer to not need it, but I was getting daily spam postings without it, and none with it. The developers of that module periodically improve it, so hopefully it'll become easier to use.

As for BlogAssist, the short answer is that you can uninstall it by quitting it (via the "b" system menu) then trashing the application.

It should only remind you a maximum of once per day (often less), and you can just click Continue (with Use for free selected) to dismiss the reminder. Unfortunately, reminders are a necessary, but temporary inconvenience. As you say, if you're not interested in buying it, you'll stop using it; and conversely, if you like it, you'll buy it. Either way, the reminders will only be around for a short while. And I tried to make them more entertaining with random text in each.

I have now added a FAQ item to help clarify the uninstalling process. Thanks for your feedback on this.


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